Post-Hospital Top 20 Playlist- Christian

Here is the exciting conclusion of the playlist posts.  Last week's blog highlighted the mostly not-specifically-Christian music that meshes well with our numerous inpatient hospital stay adventures.  Only two "Christian" songs made that list, and I outline several reasons for that in the earlier post On the Insufficiency of Christian Music.  However, there are some gems to … Continue reading Post-Hospital Top 20 Playlist- Christian

Hospital Playlist- Top 10 (OK, 20…)

Here it is, the Hospital Playlist Top 10 that I mentioned when complaining about the insufficiency of Christian music several posts back.  I'll post another list exclusively of "Christian" songs that deserve recognition since not many can edge out the 'not-specifically-Christian' competitors below. This isn't a collection of my favorite songs; typically I listen to … Continue reading Hospital Playlist- Top 10 (OK, 20…)

On the Insufficiency of Christian Music

Image modifed for use, original image credit Music is so powerful, both for expressing positive emotions like love and gratitude, and for expressing difficult emotions like sadness, frustration, and grief.  In fact, in the counseling world (my profession-on-pause), music therapy is recognized as a very useful and versatile professional tool.  At the children's hospital that … Continue reading On the Insufficiency of Christian Music