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Tracheostomy and Health Related

Declining Home Nursing

The Big Rocks: Self-Care for Caregivers

A Day in the Life, Updated #1day12pics

Post Hospital Haze II – recovering from the month-long LTR stay

LTR Surgery Recovery

Tracheostomy 101: Our Reconstruction Surgery (LTR)

Travelling With a Medically Complex Kiddo: Packing  (includes free printables)

Travelling With a Medically Complex Kiddo: Preparation 

A Year Ago Today – one year after discharge from the NICU

Anatomy of a Trach Plug

NICU Family and Friends Guide

Intro to Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Tracheostomy 101

Hospi-condo – life and accommodations on several hospital units

A Day in the Life – a typical day with our medically complex child

A Rough Day in the Life – a difficult day with our medically complex child

Hospital Living

It All Started With An $18,000 Car Ride  – June’s initial diagnosis of tachycardia in utero

The Heart of the Matter – my own cardiac testing before June’s diagnosis


Medical Humor

The Part-Time Job You Land When You Become a Special Needs Parent

8 Strange Things About Expecting an Uncomplicated Delivery After Having a NICU Baby

The Special Needs Commute, or The Problem of Awkward Conversation

Mama from the Unit

When You Get a Good Overnight Team at the Hospital

Special Needs Humor: Crazy Heart Block Quilt?


Kid Humor

QOTD: This Is a Job for Daddy July 2015

QOTD: Now With ASL March 2015

Mama’s Coffee Break

QOTD December 2014



Post-Hospital Playlist Top 20- Christian

Hospital Playlist Top 20

On the Insufficiency of Christian Music


Miracles in the NICU

30’s: The Real Story

Women’s Ministry Drop Out



Wow: An End-of-the-Year Sigh.– what needed to change as we entered 2016

Updates and Free Printable for Parents!– a ‘quiet’ front door sign for nap time

I Will Get All of the Chores Done This Week: A Comedy

Dinosaur Museum Saga: Why I’m So Excited to “Homeschool” in the Fall

Cussing in Sign Language

When One Door Closes….A Toddler Locks It

Terrific Twos

Seeking a Dumb Phone: Part I, II (Why Disconnect), III (Why Connect), and IV (Reducing Use)


Our Homeschool Curriculum Fall 2015


Dinosaur and Pteranodon Quilt

Maternity Sewing Series: Faux Cami, Pregnancy Panel Two Ways, Bra Making and Adjustments, Altering Pants

Decluttering Series: Intro, Clothes, Digital Clutter, Photos and Crafts, Bargain Shop Without Hoarding, Home Improvement for Clutter Control 

Floor Plan With Furniture Drawn to Scale

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