Our Homeschool Curriculum 2019-2020

This fall we start our fifth year of homeschooling. That's unbelievable to me; it's gone by so fast. We structure our curriculum around individual development rather than grade level, but for reference and documentation purposes, this year Rowan will be entering third grade, June first grade, and Miles, kindergarten. For previous years' curriculum see: 2015-2016 … Continue reading Our Homeschool Curriculum 2019-2020

Crazy Heart Block Quilt- Complete!

I mentioned recently that I finished the "Crazy Heart Block Quilt" that I started for June last summer while she was recovering from her LTR surgery.  Here's a peek at it and a few things I learned. I didn't know if my kooky idea for this quilt would work at all, because in order to do … Continue reading Crazy Heart Block Quilt- Complete!

Coming Soon

There has been a flurry of activity here in the Safari Household recently as we transition from our dino-mite summer back into our typical routine.  Several posts are vying for very scarce editorial attention, and which one will triumph first is anyone's guess.  So in the meantime, I thought I'd share the topics of these posts which I … Continue reading Coming Soon

Updates and Free Printable for Parents!

A few updates: ♥  I am officially the mother of three kids under 4 years old.  I know because I now own a minivan. Meet our newest sweetie, Miles. The delivery went as planned, although I had a brief scare when he needed some oxygen after birth.  The medical team assured us this was a … Continue reading Updates and Free Printable for Parents!

Maternity Sewing Links: Altering Pants

Originally I planned to share a tutorial on how I added waist and hip room to a pair of maternity pants by adding tapered upper side panels.  I soon discovered, however, that the pants were too worn out to carry on with, even though they fit beautifully now.  See....I know what I like, it doesn't … Continue reading Maternity Sewing Links: Altering Pants

Maternity Sewing Links: Bra Making and Adjustments

One of the most helpful maternity sewing projects I've come across is how to sew your own bra and make adjustments to existing ones.  The running joke is that while you are pregnant or nursing, you can wear any size bra and at some point during the day, it will fit you.  The rest of … Continue reading Maternity Sewing Links: Bra Making and Adjustments

Dinosaur and Pteranodon Quilt Finished!

Just a quick update to celebrate the completion of the Dinosaur and Pteranodon Quilt for Rowan! Like many things- laundry, cooking, sleeping in a real bed, and finishing the multiple blog posts that I have alluded to recently- finishing the quilt has been on hold since I'm staying at the hospital with June.  I finished … Continue reading Dinosaur and Pteranodon Quilt Finished!

Special Needs Humor: Crazy Heart Block Quilt?

This is a quick post from the bedside, where I am starting a quilt for June as she prepares for her second extubation trial soon.  (I finished hand quilting around the appliqué dinosaurs on Rowan's quilt and I left it at home to machine bind.)  June's first extubation on Tuesday ultimately failed due to her … Continue reading Special Needs Humor: Crazy Heart Block Quilt?

Maternity Sewing: Adding a Pregnancy Panel Two Ways

Next up in the maternity sewing series is two ways to add a full pregnancy panel to a below-the-belly pair of maternity pants. The first way is for drawstring or elastic-waist pants, and the second is for less flexible waistbands. Pregnant women are pretty sharply divided between those who prefer the below-the-belly waist bands and those … Continue reading Maternity Sewing: Adding a Pregnancy Panel Two Ways

Maternity Sewing: Faux Cami

We'll kick off the maternity sewing tutorials with how to make a faux cami, which can be used as an outfit accessory or to provide some necessary extra coverage.  I find that I often want some extra coverage for the neckline of maternity shirts, but my existing tanks and camisoles either don't fit during pregnancy … Continue reading Maternity Sewing: Faux Cami