Adventures in Communication

I hope to share more formally about our adventures in communication with June, specifically the use of American Sign Language, verbal speech development, and her assistive communication device. However, for a few months I've been savoring some much needed rest and protecting a "margin" against over-busy-ness in my life and that of the kids, which … Continue reading Adventures in Communication

An Election Conversation With My Kids

One week ago, the kids and I ventured out to the polls for early voting.  The "big kids" (my 5-year-old, Rowan and my 3-year-old, June) had decided who they would vote for, hypothetically, by watching snippets of the debates.  This was our pre-voting conversation- June contributing in ASL. Me: OK, guys, let's go vote! June: I'm … Continue reading An Election Conversation With My Kids

Post-Hospital Top 20 Playlist- Christian

Here is the exciting conclusion of the playlist posts.  Last week's blog highlighted the mostly not-specifically-Christian music that meshes well with our numerous inpatient hospital stay adventures.  Only two "Christian" songs made that list, and I outline several reasons for that in the earlier post On the Insufficiency of Christian Music.  However, there are some gems to … Continue reading Post-Hospital Top 20 Playlist- Christian

Hospital Playlist- Top 10 (OK, 20…)

Here it is, the Hospital Playlist Top 10 that I mentioned when complaining about the insufficiency of Christian music several posts back.  I'll post another list exclusively of "Christian" songs that deserve recognition since not many can edge out the 'not-specifically-Christian' competitors below. This isn't a collection of my favorite songs; typically I listen to … Continue reading Hospital Playlist- Top 10 (OK, 20…)

QOTD: This Is a Job for Daddy.

Tomorrow marks one month that June has been in the hospital, and we had originally planned on just a 4-day stay. To recap, the various reasons the stay has lengthened include the switch from the two-stage LTR that was planned to the one-stage version, difficulty extubating after the LTR, which led to the need for … Continue reading QOTD: This Is a Job for Daddy.

QOTD: now with ASL!

It's time for me to transcribe the kid quotes saved in my notepad app into the Quote of the Day journal, and this edition includes some fascinating American Sign Language quotes from June! Here are the highlights from the first quarter of this year. : Rowan is on track to outpace Greg and me on … Continue reading QOTD: now with ASL!

Travelling With a Medically Complex Kiddo: Packing

Today I'll share some final tips and tricks we learned about travelling with a medically complex kiddo.  My previous post covered preparing for the trip, and today we'll tackle packing. As promised, there are free printables!  In fact, most of the information is in the printables below including a two-page packing list and accompanying packing … Continue reading Travelling With a Medically Complex Kiddo: Packing


Ever since Greg and I were dating, a highlight of our week has been to send each other regular "Quote of the Day" emails chronicling the funniest, oddest, or most interesting things we heard that day. Once we had children, we continued the tradition by sharing memorable quotes from the kids.  We save them in texts, emails, and iPhone … Continue reading QOTD