The Home Nursing Analogy: Why we are reluctantly seeking some nursing again

Recently I wrote about why we declined home nursing for the past two years, and a little about the mammoth of a topic that is being awarded secondary Medicaid.  The fact that Medicaid requires us to use at least some nursing hours is a big reason why we are seeking it despite the long and varied list of … Continue reading The Home Nursing Analogy: Why we are reluctantly seeking some nursing again


Declining Home Nursing

I've wanted to write this post- about why we declined home nursing- for a long, long time.  But it is a complex, hot-button topic in the special needs community, and honestly, even thinking about our brief 3-week experience with home nursing makes me exhausted. I am writing now because soon we may have a limited … Continue reading Declining Home Nursing

The Big Rocks: Self-Care for Caregivers

The past month has been a vast improvement over our overwhelming December. The solutions I mentioned in the last post were a great success, especially potty training progress and toy rotation. Also, while Greg and I normally have the luxury of relaxing after the kids go to bed, last month we each committed to doing … Continue reading The Big Rocks: Self-Care for Caregivers

Wow: An End-of-the-Year Sigh.

The last month and a half has been difficult. It's not the kind of difficult that needs fixing, it's just one of those periods of rough transition that inevitably comes and must be weathered in order to emerge with the tools you need for the next season. I call this a 'desert time,' referring to … Continue reading Wow: An End-of-the-Year Sigh.

Baby Signing Time! (Exciting news…)

I have big news to share.  Soon I will be a certified Baby Signing Time instructor!  Regular readers here know how much of an impact Signing Time has made on our family, as our daughter June uses American Sign Language exclusively to communicate.  I am so excited for the opportunity to share American Sign Language with … Continue reading Baby Signing Time! (Exciting news…)

Updates and Free Printable for Parents!

A few updates: ♥  I am officially the mother of three kids under 4 years old.  I know because I now own a minivan. Meet our newest sweetie, Miles. The delivery went as planned, although I had a brief scare when he needed some oxygen after birth.  The medical team assured us this was a … Continue reading Updates and Free Printable for Parents!

Our “Homeschool Curriculum” Fall 2015

At the very beginning of this year, I shared why I am so excited to "homeschool" this fall.  I use the quotes because most of the time, "homeschool" with my almost-4-year-old son and almost-2-year-old daughter is woven into everyday playing and errand running rather than appearing more "school-like," such as doing worksheets at a table.  But sometimes we … Continue reading Our “Homeschool Curriculum” Fall 2015

Post-Hospital Top 20 Playlist- Christian

Here is the exciting conclusion of the playlist posts.  Last week's blog highlighted the mostly not-specifically-Christian music that meshes well with our numerous inpatient hospital stay adventures.  Only two "Christian" songs made that list, and I outline several reasons for that in the earlier post On the Insufficiency of Christian Music.  However, there are some gems to … Continue reading Post-Hospital Top 20 Playlist- Christian

I Will Get All the Chores Done This Week: A Comedy

Our household is so busy right now with the combined needs of a preschooler, a toddler, two dogs, a cat, a new baby on the way, plus the tasks and appointments related to June's trach and medical care, starting an exciting homeschool schedule soon, and...well...we also started an in-ground vegetable garden because the kids are … Continue reading I Will Get All the Chores Done This Week: A Comedy

Decluttering: Home Improvement for Clutter Control

In the long-running decluttering series, we've focused on tips for organizing and downsizing clothes storage,  digital clutter, and photos and craft supplies, as well as how to bargain shop and garage sale without hoarding. Today we will conclude with a look at how home improvement can help you remain clutter free. The process of decluttering is about … Continue reading Decluttering: Home Improvement for Clutter Control