The Dinosaur Museum Saga: why I’m so excited to ‘homeschool’ in the fall**

**Disclaimer: this post is full of instances of a parent being amazed by each new thing their oldest child does. I literally dote on creations he make with blocks later, so feel free to skip, skim, or at least brace for some over-enthusiastically detailed commentary on my kiddo. Today is THE day that Rowan has been waiting for.  The … Continue reading The Dinosaur Museum Saga: why I’m so excited to ‘homeschool’ in the fall**


Decluttering Series Intro

We are in a decluttering frenzy here at the safari house. We aren't aspiring to minimalism, or any specific movement.  We just realized that in some areas, our habits and our "stuff" had begun to detract from what is important to us. (More on values clarification below!)  The clutter falls into several broad categories, so between now … Continue reading Decluttering Series Intro

Readathon: Transforming For a Purpose

Transforming For a Purpose is my favorite book of the readathon. I came across it when I wrote the recent post about women's ministry which included my account of attending the Inspire Women conference in 2008. That conference was truly inspiring not only because of its content, but because it was evidence that there is … Continue reading Readathon: Transforming For a Purpose