Wow: An End-of-the-Year Sigh.

The last month and a half has been difficult. It's not the kind of difficult that needs fixing, it's just one of those periods of rough transition that inevitably comes and must be weathered in order to emerge with the tools you need for the next season. I call this a 'desert time,' referring to … Continue reading Wow: An End-of-the-Year Sigh.


A Day in the Life, Updated #1day12pics

One of the most frequently pinned posts here is A Day in the Life, in which I describe a typical day for us as a family with a medically complex child. So much has changed since I wrote that a year and a half ago- June is walking, climbing, and communicating (signing), she has a … Continue reading A Day in the Life, Updated #1day12pics

Updates and Free Printable for Parents!

A few updates: ♥  I am officially the mother of three kids under 4 years old.  I know because I now own a minivan. Meet our newest sweetie, Miles. The delivery went as planned, although I had a brief scare when he needed some oxygen after birth.  The medical team assured us this was a … Continue reading Updates and Free Printable for Parents!

I Will Get All the Chores Done This Week: A Comedy

Our household is so busy right now with the combined needs of a preschooler, a toddler, two dogs, a cat, a new baby on the way, plus the tasks and appointments related to June's trach and medical care, starting an exciting homeschool schedule soon, and...well...we also started an in-ground vegetable garden because the kids are … Continue reading I Will Get All the Chores Done This Week: A Comedy

Idea File Fail

June is at that age when she enjoys feeding herself independently, but she likes throwing food to the dogs even more.  I was tired of retrieving her sippy cup every 3 seconds and of fighting the pets off to salvage fallen food.  (The 10 second rule is quite active in our house.)  I can't really … Continue reading Idea File Fail


I found myself bedraggled twice in the month of May- once literally and once figuratively.  The first one was literal, when my 90 pound Belgain malinois decided that her arthritic legs urgently needed to rest in the middle of our 1 mile walk.  I was on a main road in our fancy subdivision.  June was … Continue reading Bedraggled