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Readathon: Transforming For a Purpose

Transforming For a Purpose is my favorite book of the readathon. I came across it when I wrote the recent post about women’s ministry which included my account of attending the Inspire Women conference in 2008. That conference was truly inspiring not only because of its content, but because it was evidence that there is hope for women’s ministry as a whole. After writing the post, I checked out the Inspire Women website and found this book, written by the founder of the organization. It is about using the lives and choices of Bible heroes (and heroines) as a model for how to handle the painful events in your life and the emotions associated with them. Often, it turns out that God can use the experience you gained during the painful events, and the way those events shaped your life, for a greater purpose.

The author herself has an incredible story that includes great hardship and pain. But it also includes divine fingerprints left behind as the author describes the faith, personal transformation, and providence involved in how Inspire Women came to be, despite pain all along the way. She describes how seeking and practicing a Biblical response to hardship has prevented those sources of pain from being barriers to the purpose God has for her.

I loved this book because this past year grief from the past caught up to me, and several new sources of grief were added. And finally, after a year of wrestling and praying variations of “why?”, I have heard the same hint of an answer several times, including through this serendipitous book- that God will use these experiences in some way and redeem them for good.


Birthday quote

The next quote that stood out from the calendar was on my birthday.  I thought the quote was very appropriate for the long journey seeking understanding, closure, peace, and direction that I was on for many months (and am still on).  

“God IS always with us, even in the seasons that are so challenging that we think we won’t survive. Take time to give thanks to God for where you are right now. Thank about where your life has taken you and what your dreams are for the future. Remember that God is there. And no matter what, YOU can do it because HE gives you strength. —Jessica Turner, The Mom Creative”


The next quote captures what I have found to be true in my own life.  I find that it’s much easier to sense that a path is right once you begin walking on it.  I’ve often been frustrated about that fact because I wish that the right path was illuminated and gleaming when I’m at a cross roads.  But it seems like God only gives a faint whisper of an indication of which path to take, so that you have to make the decision with a fair amount of faith, and only afterwards is it abundantly clear whether you are where he wants you to be.  After a decision like that, once I know if I made the right one, I like to review what that decision making process felt like- How did I know this was the right choice?  Or alternatively, did I have an indication that this wasn’t the right choice, and why did I choose it?  I try to collect that insight to use next time.

“I think when you are following the path He made for you, you just know in your heart you are doing what you are meant to do. When God puts something in your heart, you have to follow! –Jennifer Ueckert, Studio Jru”