Mom Problems: Meal Planning

I'm not sure what changed or when.  For years I was good at meal planning.  I made a master list of all of my favorite recipes for everyday use, for entertaining and for quick/no-bake options.  I composed weekly meal plans for several months at a time.  For a while I juggled a mixed vegetarian and carnivore … Continue reading Mom Problems: Meal Planning


Our “Homeschool Curriculum” Fall 2015

At the very beginning of this year, I shared why I am so excited to "homeschool" this fall.  I use the quotes because most of the time, "homeschool" with my almost-4-year-old son and almost-2-year-old daughter is woven into everyday playing and errand running rather than appearing more "school-like," such as doing worksheets at a table.  But sometimes we … Continue reading Our “Homeschool Curriculum” Fall 2015

I Will Get All the Chores Done This Week: A Comedy

Our household is so busy right now with the combined needs of a preschooler, a toddler, two dogs, a cat, a new baby on the way, plus the tasks and appointments related to June's trach and medical care, starting an exciting homeschool schedule soon, and...well...we also started an in-ground vegetable garden because the kids are … Continue reading I Will Get All the Chores Done This Week: A Comedy

Idea File Fail

June is at that age when she enjoys feeding herself independently, but she likes throwing food to the dogs even more.  I was tired of retrieving her sippy cup every 3 seconds and of fighting the pets off to salvage fallen food.  (The 10 second rule is quite active in our house.)  I can't really … Continue reading Idea File Fail

Post Hospital Haze

Our safari (zoo-like) household is finally slowly emerging from a month-and-a-half long post-hospital haze: that hangover period in which you recover from hospital eating and sleeping, clean out the fridge and shop and plan meals and clean up cobwebs, clothes, and dust bunnies and generally get back into the home and chores routine.  In late … Continue reading Post Hospital Haze

Terrific Twos

In my experience, the popular phrase, "terrible twos" is misleading.  First of all, as many a frazzled mother has discovered on Google several months after their child's first birthday, the classic "terrible twos" struggles begin long before two years of age.  And secondly, all children are different, and my own experience has been that the … Continue reading Terrific Twos


Pin-trocity is what happens when your crafty plans from pinterest collide with reality.  (Also called pin-tragedy and pinterest fail.) I was excited to try an easy The Very Hungry Caterpillar craft I found on Toddler Approved. It was quick and easy and Rowan loved it.  He sorted the colored paper shapes some, but mostly liked … Continue reading Pin-trocity