Our Homeschool Curriculum 2019-2020

This fall we start our fifth year of homeschooling. That's unbelievable to me; it's gone by so fast. We structure our curriculum around individual development rather than grade level, but for reference and documentation purposes, this year Rowan will be entering third grade, June first grade, and Miles, kindergarten. For previous years' curriculum see: 2015-2016 … Continue reading Our Homeschool Curriculum 2019-2020

Our Roadschool Curriculum 2017-18

This is the very belated curriculum post for 2017-2018- the year we were roadschooling around the country in our RV! For past curriculum posts see: 2015-16 2016-17 2018-19 In 2017, my husband hoped to make a career change, but we needed more flexibility in our lifestyle to be ready for any opportunities that may come … Continue reading Our Roadschool Curriculum 2017-18

Homeschool Curriculum and Schedule 2018-2019

I cannot think of a more exciting way to jump back into blogging than to share our curriculum picks for the year.  I love homeschool planning.  I can't resist reading about curriculum choices (if you have any to share, post in the comments!), and I thought I would add ours to the stack of back-to-school … Continue reading Homeschool Curriculum and Schedule 2018-2019

The Accidental Sabbath: Plans for 2017

The last third of the year can become unenjoyably busy for our family very easily, with ten family birthdays and our anniversary sprinkled in among the bustle of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So in 2016 Greg and I resolved to designate one day from each weekend in October, November and December as an "at home … Continue reading The Accidental Sabbath: Plans for 2017

Our “Homeschool Curriculum” Fall 2015

At the very beginning of this year, I shared why I am so excited to "homeschool" this fall.  I use the quotes because most of the time, "homeschool" with my almost-4-year-old son and almost-2-year-old daughter is woven into everyday playing and errand running rather than appearing more "school-like," such as doing worksheets at a table.  But sometimes we … Continue reading Our “Homeschool Curriculum” Fall 2015

Post-Hospital Haze II

We are finally emerging from the post-hospital haze, which is similar in almost every respect to the post-hospital haze from last year; it occurred during the same months, I went through the same cleaning rituals- mostly gutting the fridge and vacuuming dog hair- I FINALLY saw friends, and I'm working on reading a Brandon Sanderson book. … Continue reading Post-Hospital Haze II

10 Books….

In response to a prompt via Facebook: ten books that have stuck with me over the years, either due to emotional impact, practical application, or both.1. The BibleWait! This isn't just a filler answer. I wasn't raised in church, and when I became a Christian late in my teens I immediately read the bible cover … Continue reading 10 Books….

Post Hospital Haze

Our safari (zoo-like) household is finally slowly emerging from a month-and-a-half long post-hospital haze: that hangover period in which you recover from hospital eating and sleeping, clean out the fridge and shop and plan meals and clean up cobwebs, clothes, and dust bunnies and generally get back into the home and chores routine.  In late … Continue reading Post Hospital Haze

Readathon: Transforming For a Purpose

Transforming For a Purpose is my favorite book of the readathon. I came across it when I wrote the recent post about women's ministry which included my account of attending the Inspire Women conference in 2008. That conference was truly inspiring not only because of its content, but because it was evidence that there is … Continue reading Readathon: Transforming For a Purpose

Readathon: The Blessing and Grace Based Parenting

I'm lumping two books together here because they share many similarities- I started them as part of a Bible study group, I haven't actually finished them yet, and they are both about communicating love and grace to your children and others in your life. The Blessing is a small group study based on John Trent … Continue reading Readathon: The Blessing and Grace Based Parenting