Staying Tech-Connected While Living on the Road

Hop over to Techie Homeschool Mom today to check out my guest post on Staying Tech-Connected While Living on the Road.  And before you go, happy Mother's Day to all of my fellow moms!  I hope you are reading this with a cinnamon roll and coffee in hand like I am. --- Staying Tech-Connected While … Continue reading Staying Tech-Connected While Living on the Road


To borrow a phrase from the last post, our accidental Sabbath habit turned into a sabbatical from blogging. We have put this time to good use, though. I have exciting updates to share about what’s been happening in the Safari household in the last year and a half. Here are the Cliff’s notes: June had … Continue reading Updates

The Accidental Sabbath: Plans for 2017

The last third of the year can become unenjoyably busy for our family very easily, with ten family birthdays and our anniversary sprinkled in among the bustle of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So in 2016 Greg and I resolved to designate one day from each weekend in October, November and December as an "at home … Continue reading The Accidental Sabbath: Plans for 2017

Adventures in Communication

I hope to share more formally about our adventures in communication with June, specifically the use of American Sign Language, verbal speech development, and her assistive communication device. However, for a few months I've been savoring some much needed rest and protecting a "margin" against over-busy-ness in my life and that of the kids, which … Continue reading Adventures in Communication

Coming Soon

There has been a flurry of activity here in the Safari Household recently as we transition from our dino-mite summer back into our typical routine.  Several posts are vying for very scarce editorial attention, and which one will triumph first is anyone's guess.  So in the meantime, I thought I'd share the topics of these posts which I … Continue reading Coming Soon

Having a dino-mite summer. Be back soon.

There has been radio silence here at Yes This I Know for nearly two months, so I am writing to say that all is well here in the Safari Household, but we are amazingly busy.  This summer we took a two-week cross-country road trip, then had family in town for two weeks, and then I … Continue reading Having a dino-mite summer. Be back soon.

Updates and Free Printable for Parents!

A few updates: ♥  I am officially the mother of three kids under 4 years old.  I know because I now own a minivan. Meet our newest sweetie, Miles. The delivery went as planned, although I had a brief scare when he needed some oxygen after birth.  The medical team assured us this was a … Continue reading Updates and Free Printable for Parents!

Post-Hospital Haze II

We are finally emerging from the post-hospital haze, which is similar in almost every respect to the post-hospital haze from last year; it occurred during the same months, I went through the same cleaning rituals- mostly gutting the fridge and vacuuming dog hair- I FINALLY saw friends, and I'm working on reading a Brandon Sanderson book. … Continue reading Post-Hospital Haze II

Dinosaur and Pteranodon Quilt Finished!

Just a quick update to celebrate the completion of the Dinosaur and Pteranodon Quilt for Rowan! Like many things- laundry, cooking, sleeping in a real bed, and finishing the multiple blog posts that I have alluded to recently- finishing the quilt has been on hold since I'm staying at the hospital with June.  I finished … Continue reading Dinosaur and Pteranodon Quilt Finished!

The Special Needs Commute, or The Problem of Awkward Conversation 

One difficult aspect of being the parent of a special needs or medically complex child is that often you can't join in the casual camaraderie of the "you know how it is..."  conversation with other parents. A typical scene might proceed like: Parent one: I just don't know what to do about all that drool. … Continue reading The Special Needs Commute, or The Problem of Awkward Conversation