Our Homeschool Curriculum 2019-2020

This fall we start our fifth year of homeschooling. That's unbelievable to me; it's gone by so fast. We structure our curriculum around individual development rather than grade level, but for reference and documentation purposes, this year Rowan will be entering third grade, June first grade, and Miles, kindergarten. For previous years' curriculum see: 2015-2016 … Continue reading Our Homeschool Curriculum 2019-2020

Our Roadschool Curriculum 2017-18

This is the very belated curriculum post for 2017-2018- the year we were roadschooling around the country in our RV! For past curriculum posts see: 2015-16 2016-17 2018-19 In 2017, my husband hoped to make a career change, but we needed more flexibility in our lifestyle to be ready for any opportunities that may come … Continue reading Our Roadschool Curriculum 2017-18

10 Books….

In response to a prompt via Facebook: ten books that have stuck with me over the years, either due to emotional impact, practical application, or both.1. The BibleWait! This isn't just a filler answer. I wasn't raised in church, and when I became a Christian late in my teens I immediately read the bible cover … Continue reading 10 Books….