A Day in the Life, Updated #1day12pics

One of the most frequently pinned posts here is A Day in the Life, in which I describe a typical day for us as a family with a medically complex child. So much has changed since I wrote that a year and a half ago- June is walking, climbing, and communicating (signing), she has a … Continue reading A Day in the Life, Updated #1day12pics


Post-Hospital Haze II

We are finally emerging from the post-hospital haze, which is similar in almost every respect to the post-hospital haze from last year; it occurred during the same months, I went through the same cleaning rituals- mostly gutting the fridge and vacuuming dog hair- I FINALLY saw friends, and I'm working on reading a Brandon Sanderson book. … Continue reading Post-Hospital Haze II

Walk four and a half miles in my shoes…

Greg received the gadgety item on his Christmas list- a FitBit- last month. It's a fancy pedometer and activity/sleep tracker, and you can connect with your friends who have FitBits via their app. The default personal goal is to take 10,000 steps per day- apparently quite a 'feat' for most. (Spotted a pun!) Greg loves … Continue reading Walk four and a half miles in my shoes…


I turned 31 recently (gasp!).I am officially a "30-something," and I'd like to share a heads-up with those travelling this way which came as a complete surprise to me- birthdays after 30 are completely different than those before.  After 30, the event of adding one number to your age is rather nondescript and indistinguishable from … Continue reading 30-Something