Hi, I’m Lisa. My husband, Greg, and I are from Texas, but we are currently travelling the country full-time with our three wonderful children plus our dog and cat.  I sometimes refer to us collectively as the Safari Family because with the seven of us under one roof, life can be a little wild at times- especially now that roof is on an RV!  I blog about our adventures in navigating life, love, kids and crafts with gracious uncertainty here at Yes, This I Know.  The phrase ‘This I Know’ refers to the hymn “Jesus Loves Me.”  My husband and I are Christians navigating our walks with God, and every day it only becomes more apparent how little I (still!) know, and that the only thing that has proven to be true and constant is God’s love.

Some of the most popular posts are on topics related to our daughter’s tracheostomy and heart condition. Prior to staying at home with my children, I worked as a counselor specializing in chronic mental health conditions and special needs.  Now as the mother of a medically complex child, I continue to passionately promote special needs awareness, advocacy and support for families and service providers alike.  However, I am selective about what medical information I share here; my goal is to promote awareness by sharing our journey while also guarding my children’s privacy.  If you are seeking information on medically complex children and special needs, I hope that what you find here is helpful and encouraging.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our experiences or if you are looking for additional resources- I’d love to help if I can!



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