Our Roadschool Curriculum 2017-18

This is the very belated curriculum post for 2017-2018- the year we were roadschooling around the country in our RV!

Curriculum 2017-18 blog

For past curriculum posts see:


In 2017, my husband hoped to make a career change, but we needed more flexibility in our lifestyle to be ready for any opportunities that may come our way.  So in the summer of 2017 we decided to sell most of what we owned, downsize to an RV and travel the country as a family.

We spent one year on the road, from August of 2017 to July of 2018.  We use the term “roadschooling” for that year because we were homeschooling on the road and incorporating our travel into our academics.  At that time, my munchkins were turning 6, 4 and 2.

First, our traditional homeschool curriculum:

Space is always an issue when living on the road (also see this post about staying tech connected on the road), but our core curriculum is not very bulky, so we were able to bring almost everything we did in previous years.

Classical Conversations

We completed Classical Conversations cycle 3 by ourselves (not in a community). Every week we reviewed new grammar, relevant timeline/science/composer cards, and listened to the memory work CDs in the car.  We also did most of the suggested Van Cleave science experiments, art projects, and utilized Classical music for dummies.  We had US state flashcards to go with the cycle 3 geography.


Every week we read at least one chapter of Life of Fred with all the kids, and Rowan completed Singapore math.  Also, math manipulables like math blocks were favorites among our few toys.

English, Language Arts, and Reading

Rowan completed Explode the Code and Bob books.  I worked through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons with June.  And Miles focused on the color, shapes and number materials from Confessions of a Homeschooler’s Letter of the Week curriculum. And we read books at local libraries every few weeks, because as perpetual out-of-towners, we often couldn’t take books off site.

American Sign Language

For part of this year, June could not vocalize again after another reconstructive surgery of the trachea.  So we had a lot of ASL practice when communicating with her for several weeks, and afterward we continued practicing the manual alphabet every week and broadening our vocabulary with Signing Time resources and Lifeprint vocabulary lists.


We watched at least one program each week from Right now media either on the Bible or character development. We reviewed one character trait each week from this awesome resource from Sarah’s Sweeties.

And secondly, our roadschool-specific experiences.

Wherever we planned to travel, I researched available RV parks, national, state and city parks, local events and nearby attractions, whether touristy, educational, cultural, nature-y, or just plain fun.  We planned our stops and route around those sites.  (See below for a partial list.) These are the states we got to before settling down in Ohio in summer 2018.

Visited States Map site

Even when we weren’t visiting a specific site/thing, the simplicity of the RV lifestyle allowed us to be outside every day riding bikes, seeing nature, checking out RV park amenities, or having a picnic.   It was a truly memorable year for all of us.

Big Bend Boquillos Canyon

Partial list of the places we visited:


Ave Maria Grotto


Crater of Diamonds
Hot Springs National Park


Stone Mountain


Clark Tower
The Fossil and Prairie Center


Blue Sky Sculpture
University of Kansas Natural History Museum
T-Rex Cafe
Firefighter Memorial and Fountain
Money Museum/US Mint
Fritz Railroad Restuarant
Rock City
Sternberg Museum of Natural History
Castle Rock
Monument Rock


Dino World
Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace
Mammoth Cave (saw this recently actually!)


Fontainebleau State Park
Basin Street Station
Ferry boat (it carried the RV across a channel!)


Capitol Wheel at the National Harbor
Greenbelt Park


St. Anthony Falls
Gale Woods Farm


Arbor Day Farm
Eisenhower Presidential Library


Ohio State’s Museum of Biodiversity
Columbus Symphony
Stratford Ecological Center
Columbus Zoo
Delaware State Park
Olentangy Indian Caverns
Deer Creek State Park
Anthony Thomas Candy Company
Franklin Park Conservatory
Ohio History Center
Ohio Wildlife Sanctuary
Lunds Farm
Ohio State University Airport (kids can watch the planes take off and land)


Museum of Osteology
Marland Mansion and Estate


Pittsburgh Penguins practice
McConnell Mill State Park
Festival of Trees
Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland


Bass Pro Shop/Pyramid
Natchez Trace Trail
Meriwether Lewis Monument
Casey Jones Museum/Railroad Museum


State Parks (Sea Rim, Eisenhower, Meridian, Dinosaur Valley, Mother Neff, Brazos Bend, McKinney)
Fort Worth Stockyard
Dairy Museum in Sulphur Springs
Cadillac Ranch
Palo Duro Canyon
Mammoth National Monument
NASA/Johnson Space Center
Houston Zoo
Renaissance Festival
Wild Basin, Austin
HOPE Outdoor Gallery
Zilker Park
Texas History Museum
Capitol building
San Fernando cathedral
San Antonio Missions National Historic Park
Frontier Times Museum
Big Bend National Park
Marfa lights (didn’t see any eerie lights)


Colonial Williamsburg

Washington, DC

So many museums. Almost all of the free ones.
So many monuments.  Incredible experience.
The Bible Museum (I could have spent a whole day here.)
Gallaudet University
The White House
Library of Congress
United States Botanic Garden

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