organizer-1427365To borrow a phrase from the last post, our accidental Sabbath habit turned into a sabbatical from blogging. We have put this time to good use, though. I have exciting updates to share about what’s been happening in the Safari household in the last year and a half.

Here are the Cliff’s notes:

Trach 101 LTRJune had a second laryngotracheal reconstruction (LTR) this year in March! She still has the trach, but the reconstructed area of the trachea is healing well. If the doctors can get the “granulation tissue” growth under control, we may be on the path to eventual decannulation (removing the trach)!

IMG_20171126_085430We spent all of this academic year ROADSCHOOLING in an RV! We absolutely loved it! Last summer we sold our belongings except a few treasures, put our house on the market, and piled into an RV to travel full-time. We’ve been to 23 states in the last 10 months, plus Washington DC, which was my favorite city out of all we visited.

2015- June signing “girl”

I became re-certified as a Baby Signing Time instructor, so my digital shop with American Sign Language products is available again! I was inspired to do this because for a whole 5 weeks after the LTR in March, June could not vocalize due to having a solid stent in her trachea below the vocal cords. As a family, we were reminded again of how incredibly grateful we are for American Sign Language, as it provided June a way to communicate during that time.

I hope to share more here about all of these topics. The first being a guest post tomorrow on the Techie Homeschool Mom blog related to our roadschool experiences titled: “Staying Tech Connected While Living on the Road.”  Stay tuned for a link to that post tomorrow!  If you’d like to check out other awesome guest blogs in this Homeschooling  IRL (In Real Life) series from Techie Homeschool Mom, click here for the blog series page.

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