Crazy Heart Block Quilt- Complete!

I mentioned recently that I finished the “Crazy Heart Block Quilt” that I started for June last summer while she was recovering from her LTR surgery.  Here’s a peek at it and a few things I learned.


I didn’t know if my kooky idea for this quilt would work at all, because in order to do it, I had to try some unconventional techniques and break a few sewing rules.  First, I hand sewed a stack of irregular shapes at the bedside in a crazy quilting style because, first, I love that style, and secondly, it does not demand precision that I cannot maintain while sewing in the ICU with June, stopping and starting often and without using a table.  Later I overlaid the irregular shapes with a fabric square with a heart cut out of the center to reveal the crazy quilted section below. Each crazy quilted section is built around a green frog fabric piece, because June loves Hopkins the frog from Signing Time.  (And because I acquired lots of great frog fabric.)  The hearts-and-crazy-quilting squares were sewed into 2×2 squares, and alternated with 2×2 squares of pink and the same frog-patterned fabric that the crazy quilted sections are built around. Then, much to my discomfort, June decided she wanted the quilt to be bound in dark blue, which is not located anywhere else in the quilt, but, hey, it adds an interesting contrast.



What worked: June loves the quilt.  Also, using the negative space of the heart-shaped squares turned out just how I hoped.

What didn’t work: I mixed all types of fabric for the quilt including flannel, fleece and quilting cotton because I was working exclusively from my stash.  This is dangerous because different fabrics react different to wear, tear and washing which can damage the quilt. But I wanted to try it anyway to test the limits of what I can mix and match from my large and varied collection of fabric of indeterminate type.  The quilt held up surprisingly well after washing, although one crazy-quilted section did rip and needs repaired.


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