Maternity Sewing Links: Altering Pants

Originally I planned to share a tutorial on how I added waist and hip room to a pair of maternity pants by adding tapered upper side panels.  I soon discovered, however, that the pants were too worn out to carry on with, even though they fit beautifully now.  See….I know what I like, it doesn’t change in time with the store window displays, and I despise shopping.  If it were up to me, my current wardrobe would serve my needs forever.  This can sometimes blind me to the fact that a garment is beyond saving.  So rather than sharing my own tutorial, I’ve linked some awesome posts by other bloggers here on altering pants.  But take a lesson from me and assess the overall condition of your item thoroughly before deciding on altering. 🙂

Maternity Sewing: Altering Pants

Altering Pants to Expand Waist/Hips or Convert to Maternity

Adding a Pregnancy Panel Two Ways from me at Yes This I Know, which includes the wonderful post below from Shwin and Shwin

DIY Maternity Pants by Shwin and Shwin: Remove a non-stretch waistband and add a stretch maternity panel

Remove a Dart in Shorts or Pants from Refashion Co-op: This is a sneaky way to get some extra width in the waist of pants, if a dart is present.

Take Out (Expand) Your Jean’s Waistband Tutorial from Cotton and Curls: This is a fast way to add width to a waistband.  You’ll need to keep the work covered by your shirt, unless you are using the added fabric as an fashion accent to show off your alteration.

DIY Materity Pants from Your Favorite Jeans by Say Yes: Similar to the tutorial from Cotton and Curls above, this alteration adds width but also stretch to pants by using elastic for the panel inserts.

Adding Width to a Waistband from Mad Mim: This is a more labor intensive way to add width to a waistband, and you won’t need to hide the band with your shirt if you’re able to reattach the label over your work as suggested.

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