Dinosaur and Pteranodon Quilt Finished!

Just a quick update to celebrate the completion of the Dinosaur and Pteranodon Quilt for Rowan! Like many things- laundry, cooking, sleeping in a real bed, and finishing the multiple blog posts that I have alluded to recently- finishing the quilt has been on hold since I’m staying at the hospital with June.  I finished all of the hand quilting around the applique dinosaurs (and pteranodons) while at the hospital, but I wanted to machine bind it for better durability.  My son has been asking to sleep with this quilt for weeks, so it was on the top of my at-home to-do list this weekend while Greg is manning my post at June’s bedside.

Of course, I couldn’t find my good camera to take a better photo, so this will have to do.  Also featured is part of an actual dinosaur model that Rowan made from play bricks.  I thought it would be too ironic if, for the sake of photographing my gift to Rowan, I were to dismantle the masterpiece made by the intended recipient of said gift. Thus, the blurry iPhone photo of the long-awaited dinosaur quilt, photo bombed by a toy dinosaur:

Dinosaur and Pteranodon Quilt

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