Sewing PhD (Projects Half Done)

Those of us who sew, craft and create are forever working on our PhDs- Projects Half Done.  Somehow I’ve found time to work on a few of mine, possibly due to my sporadic attempts at watching less TV and waking up an hour before the kids do.  I’ll share a few sewing and crafting adventures here, including tutorials when I’ve struck out on my own with an idea.  Most of my sewing and crafting is completed with the help of excellent online tutorials by others, though, in which case I’ll link to those resources instead.  Here is a little of what’s going on here, and what may appear in upcoming posts:


“Dinosaur” Quilt

Trex Quilt Block

Finishing the dinosaur (and pteranodon) quilt is a long-term project.  I’ve sewn vertical and horizontal lines on either side of each seam between the quilt blocks, and now I’m hand quilting around each dinosaur appliqué so that a dino outline is stitched on the back.

Trex Quilt Outline

I love it!  But last time I hand-quilted, I was spending days and nights in the hospital on bed rest and later beside my daughter in the NICU/ICU, so my progress was very steady.  This time, lugging out the quilt only during any “free time” in which I actually have some energy left is taking forever. Also, my hand quilting skills have not improved….they say a novice should be able to sew 5-6 stitches per inch, but my sewing looks like a kindergartner’s lacing project.  It won’t win any awards but I’m happy with the look!




This project is noteworthy only because I finally squared up to my serger and tackled the basics of using and threading it.  I cut up an old bath towel and made 10 washcloths with serged edges. I got tons of practice threading because I went through 6 standard spools of thread!  Lesson learned: I need big serger thread spools because the upper and lower loopers are thread hogs…I should have guessed that just looking at the finished project though.

Serger Thread


Maternity alterations

Faux Tank Supplies

I *finally* attempted some maternity clothes alterations and succeeded on a few.  I’ll share tutorials on how to make an easy faux cami, how to add a pregnancy panel to a low-cut elastic maternity band and how to add side panels to the waist and hips of a pair of pants.  I’ll also link to resources on how to sew your own bra (crazy, I know!), how to replace the band of below-the-belly maternity pants with a pregnancy panel and how to make bra straps more versatile including band size extension, modesty lining, and creating a cross strap; plus I’ll link to the pattern for my favorite type of maternity shirt/swim cover.

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