Hi there

Just a hello to say I’ll be back to blogging soon.  I’ve got more post ideas than I have time.  During my absence we’ve weathered a bad 2-week upper respiratory infection in June complete with an all-nighter in the ER, handled an unexpected week off from Rowan’s preschool due to fire damage at the building (an act of arson which did not occur during school hours thankfully), and our roof sustained significant damage due to a freak storm of golf ball sized hail.  So, we’re pretty much just waiting on the plague of locusts at this point…

The hail storm filling very-recently-sunny skies:

No, really, it’s been eventful but quite manageable.  I have even found time to grow this new baby up to the half way point without any medical surprises whatsoever, and I’m finishing Rowan’s dinosaur quilt!


Well, his “mostly dinosaur” quilt I should say after this conversation with my three year old today:

Me, stretching the quilt out flat: “Look, Rowan, your quilt is almost done!!”

Rowan: “I wanted only a dinosaur quilt.”

Me: “It is, it’s got tons of dinosaurs!”

Rowan: “It has pteranodons.”

Me: “Yeah, those are dinosaurs, right!”

Rowan: “No they are flying reptiles.”

Me: “……Aw, man. I guess you’re right.”

Rowan: “It’s ok. I’m pretending they’re dinosaurs.”


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