Mama’s Coffee Break



A mom enters stealthily and sits on a couch, coffee and cinnamon sugar chips in hand.

A toddler appears on the coffee table. Mom grabs coffee seconds before the toddler reaches it. Mom offers toddler some chips.

A boy enters and begins jumping on the couch, jostling Mom and coffee. The boy responds to instructions and is given chips.

Mom quickly takes several sips of coffee.

The toddler creeps across the table toward the boy. The boy, anticipating an attack, waves a threatening foot. Mom defuses the conflict verbally, clutching the coffee. A second round of chips is initiated.

As Mom reaches to distribute food, the boy executes a final warning kick toward the toddler, connecting perfectly with the handful of chips. The explosion of food follows a graceful backwards arc, littering the couch with cinnamon, sugar, and chip debris.

Mom places the toddler safely on the ground. Chip bag is tucked out of sight. Boy obeys instructions not to disturb the debris while Mom exits the room. Mom takes a hasty sip of coffee before depositing it on a far table.

Mom returns with a DustBuster and successfully vacuums the couch.

Turning to retrieve her coffee, she sees the toddler half buried under a mountain of chips, gleefully holding the upended bag over her own head.

Mom shoots an apologetic glance at the waiting coffee as she unearths the toddler and shamelessly returns the chips back to the bag, along with copious amounts of loose dog hair. She vacuums up the tiny sandbox of sugar that is left behind.

Mom walks to the far end of the room to reunite with the coffee. She remains standing, hairy chips and DustBuster in hand, to quickly finish the half cup.


Just a bit of our safari household drama this week.

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