Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Soon I will blog about travelling with a medically complex kiddo. Right now, I am recovering from travelling with a medically complex kiddo (and a 3 year old). We all flew out of state for a week recently and had a wonderful time seeing family. And the kids saw snow for the first time! Greg flew up and stayed with us a few days, but had to return sooner for work. The kids and I stayed a week, and I had plenty of extra hands helping us AND providing meals (woo!!), for which I was so grateful. The kids were hams- loving all of the attention. Rowan didn’t want to return home!

It was a great trip, but my pregnancy symptoms thought (wrongly) that this vacation would be a great time to turn on the fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. And once we returned home, foot and leg pain added to the mix, which is a new one for my Wacky Pregnancy Symptoms list. The leg pain must have been exacerbated by the 3-hour flight with a 16-month-old on my lap because that first evening at home, it was painful even to walk. But now my legs just feel slow and heavy occasionally rather than painful. Also, as mentioned in the comments of last post, we successfully night weaned June with almost zero effort; she was just as ready as I was for nights of blissfully undisturbed sleep!!

So, I’m almost recovered, rest- and energy-wise, and I’ll be back to my usual routine soon. Stay tuned for the Travelling with a Medically Complex kiddo post, which will feature a printable if I can get my software to cooperate.

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