Ever since Greg and I were dating, a highlight of our week has been to send each other regular “Quote of the Day” emails chronicling the funniest, oddest, or most interesting things we heard that day. Once we had children, we continued the tradition by sharing memorable quotes from the kids.  We save them in texts, emails, and iPhone notes and eventually they make their way into my paper-and-pen journal of the Kid’s QOTD.  (“Eventually” being every 4-6 months, usually during a holiday break like this.)  Here are some highlights from the last half of this year, tentatively titled “Impromptu Debate With A[n adorable] 3-Year-Old”


Rowan: I am going to get my two paints and paint a picture!

Greg: You only need one set of paints.

Rowan: But I want to use two.

Greg: No, bud, you only need one.

Rowan: But what happens if I use two?

Greg: Well…nothing really since you can only use one at a time.  OK, bud, you can use two.

Rowan: I beat you with my two paints!   [After some reflection] …..I only need one paint.  I am going to put one back.


I intervened when the familiar Car Seat Wars resumed and I heard June crying.

Me: Be gentle with June.

Rowan: I am gentle with June when I’m not pinching her.


Rowan was naming dinosaurs in the back seat of the car while I was totally focused on locating the next turn we needed.

Rowan: I’m going to go home and write all of the dinosaurs that I said.  What did I say, Mama?

Me: Brachiosaurus?

Rowan: And then what?

Me: Stegosauraus?

Rowan: Not a stegosaurus.

Me: A T-rex?

Rowan: Yes, and what was between brachiosaurus and T-rex?

Me: Umm……..did you say anything between brachiosaurus and T-rex?

Rowan: No, I didn’t.


After several last-minute requests before lights out, I asked Rowan if he was just trying to make bed time last longer.  He laughed heartily and said, “Yeah, I made it so long!!” I said a final goodnight and as  I closed the door, Rowan said sweetly, “Mama……” I paused with the door almost shut.  “I made it longer,” he concluded.


I actually don’t recall who was upset or why, but I told Rowan in the car

Me: We are going to take deep breaths while we drive home.

Rowan: What happens if we take narrow breaths?


Rowan was playing with Greg’s wallet and handed it back, keeping a credit card for himself.

Me: Are you going to keep that one?

Rowan: Yes.

Me: What are you going to do with it?

Rowan: Give it to any one who needs it.


After a quick survey of the house upon returning home one afternoon, Rowan said to me quite seriously, “Mama.  Please don’t go into my room when I’m at school again.  My tricycle is sleeping.”


Me: Rowan, clean up your crayons.

Rowan: Who’s coming over to say something?


Greg and I were relaxing in the living room when Rowan ran past us towards the garage carrying Greg’s hammer, yelling, “I’m going to go fix the car!!”


Rowan: I am a scientist.

Me: Oh, can I be a scientist, too?

Rowan: Yes, you are a scientist.

Me: What about Dada, can he be a scientist?

Rowan: No, Dada’s not a scientist.  He’s just an engineer.


Rowan and Greg had been playing with a Rubik’s cube earlier.  Rowan handed it to me unsolved-

Rowan: Can you do this?

Me: No, I’m not very good at it.

Rowan: Are you good at playing basketball?

Me: No, sorry.

Rowan: What can you do, Mama?  Are you great at turning on the TV!?


Rowan likes to make up words nowadays.  Recently he presented a toy to me and said,

Rowan: It’s a masookdadookta car!!

Me: Really, what’s that?

Rowan: It’s a phenomenon.


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