A Detour

Let’s just


a moment…

It seems like the surest way to derail your own plans is to announce your intentions.  I have several decluttering series posts queued up but not quite complete; some of them might stay on pause until after Christmas.  Last week June had another surprise trach plug which landed her in the hospital this time.  Thankfully, she recovered from the plug just fine, but while being checked in the ER, they discovered her tachycardia had recurred.  We recently celebrated a month of good weight gain which put June over 15 pounds (YAAY!!!), but apparently that also meant she grew out of her heart med dose.  So, June and I checked into the “hospi-condo” for a few days while they adjusted her medication.  We’re all home and healthy now, and working hard to catch up on Christmas to-do’s plus our normal schedule after the hospital stay (including blogging!)  Stay tuned, I’ll be back to writing soon!


2 thoughts on “A Detour

  1. Good post, Lisa. Love the “paws” pic! That Tracy has some amazing expressions and poses! :). Also, I meant to tell you that when we had everyone here last week Sahara slept all night in the hallway outside Rowan’s door. So sweet and protective. 🙂 Jean



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