Decluttering Series Intro

Decluttering Series Intro

We are in a decluttering frenzy here at the safari house. We aren’t aspiring to minimalism, or any specific movement.  We just realized that in some areas, our habits and our “stuff” had begun to detract from what is important to us. (More on values clarification below!)  The clutter falls into several broad categories, so between now and Christmas, I plan to highlight decluttering tips for one or two categories per week, including:

Declutter Topic List


A helpful first step is to simply identify what IS important to you.  Several years ago, Greg and I composed ranked lists of what we value, both individually and as a family. These lists are concrete reminders of what guides our decision making.  We used values clarification exercises from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a favorite approach of mine as a counselor.  Examples of some self-guided exercises can be found here on Working With ACT.

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