Idea File Fail

Tracy PacknPlay

June is at that age when she enjoys feeding herself independently, but she likes throwing food to the dogs even more.  I was tired of retrieving her sippy cup every 3 seconds and of fighting the pets off to salvage fallen food.  (The 10 second rule is quite active in our house.)  I can’t really employ the “you throw it, you lose it” principle with June because she has weight gain issues and we need to work on her occupation therapy skills for drinking from a sippy/straw/bottle at every meal.  So I thought of “the perfect system!”  For meals, I plopped June down in her pack-n-play amongst her food and cup.  Begging dogs, bickering siblings, and dropped food problems ALL taken care of!  It worked perfectly for the meal.  But Tracy was apparently quite upset that she couldn’t clean up the left overs.

Notable things about Tracy:

1. We call her “half Boxer, half bulldozer”


2. Her face is weirdly crooked


3. Acquiring food is her mission in life

Tracy Licking

So apparently while I was putting June down for bed after dinner, Tracy was like,

“Um….this not very dog accessible, guys.  Is OK…..I crush.”

Tracy PacknPlay2

Also she ripped holes in the mesh sides first trying to dig a way in.  Hm. I *think* it’s still useable…. But this idea’s not exactly going on Pinterest.


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