Hello, WordPress!

Hello WordPress

The great migration is over, and we are in a strange new land of freedom.  Welcome.

I apologize for the unannounced absence from posting.  I had been using Blogger for TEN years, so it took some mental acrobatics and anguish for me to finally accept that I had to quit them. Once I did, I reevaluated my goals for blogging and technology use in general to decide what exactly to do next.  Then all of the digital relocating had to be done, which was trickier than I anticipated.  I had another WordPress blog once long ago, but it was very VERY bare bones.  Even if I remembered anything about WordPress blogging from those days (which I don’t), I never possessed the knowledge needed to migrate an existing blog and customize it.  I’m so glad to have this site up and running!

Briefly, for those interested, what was so bad about Blogger? Chronologically,

  • Google bought it and associated Blogger sign-ins with Google accounts
  • In 2007 photos began uploading in the wrong orientation regularly when Google switched to Picasa for managing pics, and the work-around was a *big pain*
  • In recent years, Google discontinued web editing of photos on Picasa (necessary for the work-around) to force users to “upgrade” to Google Plus to manage blog photos
  • Google Plus actually does not provide the necessary functionality to correct the photo orientation problem anyway (!?!)
  • Google Plus automatically makes the *entire* folder of photos associated with your blog “public” on your new Google Plus page which caused many problems, embarrassments, and lost data for many bloggers, although I personally avoided this pitfall by stubbornly refusing to convert to Google Plus until after outraged bloggers had shouted warnings to the rest of us from the rooftops
  • Although you can hide your Blogger photo folder from your Google Plus profile, the photos still need to be set to public in order to work on your blog, and they are still associated with your Google account
  • Google can use, reproduce, and modify your content for advertisement purposes
  • Many are suspicious that Google may discontinue Blogger eventually.  I believe it, considering that they axed my beloved Google Reader.

Bye, bye, Blogger.  Hello, WordPress!

I'd love to hear from you!

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