So Long, Soy

I thought cutting out dairy was hard. But now comes the real challenge- cutting dairy AND soy.  June is apparently one of the 50% of dairy-sensitive kids who is also sensitive to soy.

Before I started reading allergy warnings on food labels, I would have guessed that I rarely eat soy.  The only foods that I knew contained soy were tofu, edamame, and meat and dairy alternatives.  Not so. It’s actually in everything, almost.  Grab anything out of your pantry.  Unless it’s canned vegetables, it probably has some soy in it.  It’s often in cereal, bread, broth, soups, oils, chips, crackers, and even some meat. And worst of all…it’s in CHOCOLATE! (At least in the dairy-free chocolate I can find.)

Hmm.  I have my work cut out for me.  The first thing I did was locate a recipe for dairy free, soy free chocolate and make some.  It was so, so delicious.  It enabled me to carry on.
Next, I accepted that I will need to become one of those people. The ones who were further along the DIY, natural, hippy, crunchy spectrum than I was.  Whenever I inspired a teasing shake of the head (usually from my hubby) for being one of these adjectives, I could always take it lightly because I, in turn, would mentally nod further down the line and take comfort in knowing that I haven’t strayed *as* eye-rollingly far from popular culture and practice as they have. 
“I’m going to start making my own granola,” I’d say to Greg.

“Of course you are,” he’d joke, with a smile.

“Just be glad I’m not like this– the blogger that I got the granola recipe from makes her own chicken stock, and it takes like 24 hours.”

“That weirdo,” he’d reply with mock surprise.

“I know, right?” I’d say, gathering the oats and coconut oil and raw nuts for the granola.

Well, I’m going to move several steps further along the spectrum, right into the “making my own bread, crackers, broth, and beauty and cleaning products” camp since I actually prefer making my own *everything* over paying outrageous prices for inconveniently small portions of specialty products that fit my needs.  I include beauty products because this summer when I used a certain kind of sunscreen, I noticed that even hours later, June would break out in hives on her face where her skin touched my arm as I cradled her.  I discovered that some sunscreens have milk products in them.  How strange and inconvenient.

So, I’m nearly a full-fledged hippy “weirdo*” now.  But like when I went dairy free, my family has already been handsomely rewarded for my soy-free efforts with the discovery of the BEST CHOCOLATE EVER.  It uses coconut oil, just like the previously discovered BEST COOKIES EVER.  I’m even going to try some manner of a Kale smoothie, which isn’t quite as exciting.  The adventure has officially begun!

*jokingly used as a term of endearment; if you make your own chicken stock, I’m actually thoroughly impressed and now I need your recipe

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