Other antics

Other tidbits from our summer:

That’s Pinteresting…

This past year Rowan and I tried several art projects and science experiments that made it onto my Pinterest boards. Most involved food coloring. We did magic milk, fizzy ice, fizzy shapes, salt painting and basic color mixing.  Rowan loved them all, and often asks to do “a ‘periment.”

Magic Milk is very cool!
(I had a picture without a dog butt, however Blogger refuses to load it right-side up, and has bungled all of its photo editing capabilities with the move from Picasa to GooglePlus, BAH! **Update: This is why I moved to WordPress!)
Preschool stuff

Along with the ‘periments, Rowan was really interested in letters and numbers this year. So I found activities on Confessions of a Homeschooler and Toddler Approved that looked fun.  Many activities suggested laminating pieces though, and I only recently splurged and bought a laminator (where have you been all my life?!?).  Rowan is spelling every word he sees, so I decided to laminate the sight word caterpillar from Confessions of a Homeschooler and also to make some personalized word flashcards. Mostly the kids have chewed on them so far, and Rowan loves to pointedly ignore the letters and write, “F, Z, C.  That ‘pells CAR!” But I think Rowan will like the idea of recognizing real words soon.


School stuff
We debated for months about putting Rowan in a local preschool program.  First, until recently I thought that paying for a school program while I was still staying at home with no income sounded ridiculous. But soon June will have more occupational and physical therapy to do, and I know I won’t be able to do all of the activities (like above) that I would want to do with Rowan at this age.  Our second reservation is that having Rowan in school will expose June to many more second-hand bugs and viruses. This was the really tough part of the decision since it seems like a big unnecessary risk. On the other hand though, because of June’s risk for infection, she’s not allowed to be out in public or around any young children during RSV season from November to March.  That means that I can’t take Rowan to play groups, play places, to see his friends or have kids over since I always have June with me.  And we can tell Rowan is really, really enjoying being around other kids finally after the last RSV season sequestering.  That’s ultimately why we decided to enroll him in a 3 day program this year- so he’ll have the social interaction and academic enrichment that we won’t always be able to provide for him in the coming months.

A few weeks ago, we squeaked into an awesome, sought-after local program that somehow had one spot left for his age.  Rowan is so excited about his school, which he pronounces ‘cool.  And I was so excited to be able to sew a nap mat from the Dinosaur Train fabric Rowan had requested from me months ago. Rowan refuses to use it because he says the pillow is too fluffy. Back to the sewing machine for that….

This concludes the list of most of the things that kept me busy while I was letting laundry pile up and buying Chinese take-out and hot dogs for dinner this summer.  Fun was had by all!

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