Post Hospital Haze

Our safari (zoo-like) household is finally slowly emerging from a month-and-a-half long post-hospital haze: that hangover period in which you recover from hospital eating and sleeping, clean out the fridge and shop and plan meals and clean up cobwebs, clothes, and dust bunnies and generally get back into the home and chores routine.  In late June (the month), June (the daughter) was inpatient for the fourth time this year, except *this* stay was planned.  How novel.  She had a procedure to evaluate whether she can have the reconstructive surgery to remove her trach this year.  As it turns out, no, she has to wait until next year at the earliest.  That was disappointing news, but it was also nice to have a definite answer for this year.  Her heart meds also changed, which meant that we could drop a whole HOST of specialists from our schedule since the new meds don’t have as many side effects to watch for.  These two facts amount to what we view as blissfully few medical appointments for the rest of the year.  In the first part of this year, we usually had several appointments every week (58 outpatient appointments total in addition to the 2 weeks combined she was inpatient), most in the medical center downtown. And because of scheduling availability, they rarely fell on the same day. Since the last hospital stay, we’ve had only one doctor appointment per month.  Rowan actually misses the frequent trips and keeps asking to go to the hospital to see the trains- meaning the Metrorail as well as the amazing model train station.

Ironically I believe it is this abundance of “free time” that has led to the extension of the post-hospital haze. When our schedule went from outrageous to rather ordinary, I decided to take a bit of a break from laundry.  And cooking.  And blogging.  And instead of those things, I tackled a few of my “eventually-s:”

1. Finally, finally FINALLY saw friends and family!!  We had been cooped up and secluded since December for RSV season, then June was sick in April and May, then in June she needed to be healthy for the procedure….but after we got the decision it was PARTY TIME. June was able to get out and meet many family and friends for the first time.

(June consults a mirror to confirm that she is indeed ready for party time.)

2. Turned June’s (future) room into a play room since it looks like she’ll be bunking with us for another year while she still has her trach. We also reorganized our/June’s room so that it’s less hospital-y. I finally found the perfect IV pole placement- in the trunk of the DME delivery man’s car when we returned it because we found other ways to accomplish what we had needed it for.

3. Read two GIANT (1,000 page) books that were awesome- both of Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series.  After hefting them to the hospital and doctors appointments I noted that any books over 600 pages should be obtained in e-book format in the future.

But the haze must lift, the routine must return.  I first suspected this when I realized our medical supply delivery sat in boxes, untouched in our entryway for two weeks since we had extra supplies that weren’t used during her inpatient time. (Normally I tackle boxes right away because I kind of like unpacking and organizing.)  The suspicion got stronger when I had to cart my toddler on errands wearing water shoes because he had no clean socks. But it was really confirmed when the pile of dirty clothes grew so large that we couldn’t keep the dog’s water bowl in the laundry room anymore.  Oh and in the absence of a routine, I completely forgot to pay the water bill and update my car inspection that expired in May.  I know, it was utter chaos over here.

I enjoyed the break to the fullest- it was like a good vacation that actually leaves you ready and willing to work again. And don’t worry, order is absolutely restored now.There were several lists involved.  I’ve done 10 loads of laundry, pureed way too much baby food, and assembled some dairy-free meal staples.  There’s still a stack of medical supplies in the entry way but at least I got last month’s deliveries put away before this shipment arrived.  Progress, y’all!  

3 thoughts on “Post Hospital Haze

  1. I love the playroom – it looks so cute and fun! I especially liked the little backpacks hanging on the wall – so cute! June's mirror pick was adorable too! I'm planning to come out of a work haze this weekend and run errands, do laundry, etc. The past 2 months have been so jam packed that I'm really behind on a number of tasks!


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