I found myself bedraggled twice in the month of May- once literally and once figuratively.  The first one was literal, when my 90 pound Belgain malinois decided that her arthritic legs urgently needed to rest in the middle of our 1 mile walk.  I was on a main road in our fancy subdivision.  June was perched in her car seat atop the giant double stroller.  Rowan had just reclaimed the bulky push toy that I had latched to the stroller handlebar when he was tired of pushing it 10 minutes earlier, and he clattered along “mowing” the next half block of side walk.  Tracy was pulling on her leash to go, go, go, happily in any direction.  And Sahara laid down.  In a puddle.  In the middle of a commercial grade sprinkler shower.  She was limping badly and could only go a few steps before laying down again.

Being the rational adult that I am, I decided that since Rowan wasn’t using his seat in the stroller, I would load the dog into it for the half mile walk home.  I entered the sprinkler zone to retrieve the wet dog.  With the stroller wheels locked, I funneled a tenth of my dog into the toddler sized seat and rested the bulk of her on the snack/restraint tray.  Which promptly broke, spilling Sahara onto the sidewalk again.  And so, with patches of wet dog hair stuck to me like Big Foot, I walked home in the 10 foot increments my limping dog could handle- runaway toddler, boxer and baby in tow.

And this week was the figurative bedraggling by a downpour of various unexpected ‘stuff.’ June was given the much-awaited go-ahead for a trial off of her heart medication, which meant we needed to watch closely for signs of her tachycardia coming back*.  Sahara saw the vet for said arthritis and was given pain meds, vitamins, and instructions to rest and ice her knees once a day.  June also had a new twice daily medication which was nebulized, and no one in the house likes that process.  Centerpoint appeared in my backyard unannounced, via removing several boards from my fence, and dug a man-sized hole exposing live electrical lines. Which was interesting.  And Rowan just had fun being Rowan and doing arts and crafts (both good things).  While I made lunch one day he asked,

“Mom, can I paint on me?”

He was using watercolors so I said sure, what’s the harm? Then quite a while later when I was cleaning paint out of Rowan’s ear canal I thought, “Hmm, it’s been quite a week.”

But don’t worry- I recovered.  This past weekend I was tiredly lamenting to Greg that I wasn’t able to ice Sahara’s knees on one day this week and I forgot to take my own vitamin twice and how I should have started June on solids and it had completely slipped my mind.  And he wisely advised that I get out of the house for a bit to relax.  Because with all that we have going on, if my biggest frustration is that I didn’t get to ice the dog’s knees, I might need a little fresh air and perspective. I took a bike ride for the first time in about a year. I met two turtles

and discovered an awesome park with shaded play equipment that likely doesn’t become like the surface of the sun during summer days.  And June even temporarily got over her separation anxiety in honor of my outing, and was calm for Dada.  I even sewed later. Well, I mended some clothes but that’s a gateway to real sewing. All’s well that ends well, month of May.

*No tachycardia recurrence so far!

2 thoughts on “Bedraggled

  1. Yay Lisa, lovely blog as usual.So glad June is improving and that you are able to do fun things as a family. Love the turtle meetings, a lovely event on your solitary but enjoyable bike ride. Hope we can meet June in the NEAR future. xxxxxxxxx Love to you all.


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