Pin-trocity is what happens when your crafty plans from pinterest collide with reality.  (Also called pin-tragedy and pinterest fail.)

I was excited to try an easy The Very Hungry Caterpillar craft I found on Toddler Approved.

It was quick and easy and Rowan loved it.  He sorted the colored paper shapes some, but mostly liked putting stickers on it instead.  Feeling quite pleased with both of us, I left it there while we had lunch.  Rowan was leaning and reaching across the table as we’ve told him not to do as it endangers his water cup. We are all about natural consequences in our house, so I bit my tongue as he knocked the drink over.  It got the colored shapes and part of the caterpillar wet, so Rowan and I discussed logically how his choice led to this result. He wasn’t too sad as he was on to playing with trucks and toys anyway.  I had him sop up the standing water, and we left the craft (which was taped to the table) out to dry.

Later at dinner I moved the paper and discovered this.

Interesting but not-on-purpose colored stains on the kitchen table that my husband grew up with*. “Ummmmm….ooops!” I said to Greg.  He thought it was pretty funny actually, because this is the kind of I Love Lucy thing that seems to always happen to me.
“You ruined my childhood,” he joked.
“Let’s see if I can wipe it off…” I offered, trying a wet dishtowel which made a loud, awkward squeaking sound on the table but was completely ineffective.
“Maybe vinegar,” he suggested.
No luck with that.  “Oh, coconut oil!  I read that it can fix furniture stains!” although I had also noticed that fans of coconut oil seem to think it can all but bring about world peace.  No luck.

“Well, I think it’s here to stay, hon, because we’ve tried an acid and a base……?” I tried to sound convincing, but he looked amused.  “Ok, ok I don’t know the Ph of coconut oil, but still, I think it’s permanent.”

“Baking soda is a base,” he offered.
“Ah.”  I scrubbed away with it, but nothing.
We had both vinegar and baking soda on the table then, so naturally we decided to accept the permanency of the stain and make Rowan’s first volcano experiment in his left over dinner bowl.  Greg and I were even more entertained by it than Rowan was.  Then when I mopped up the mixture, I discovered… was taking the stain off of the table!  Now didn’t that just come full circle…..
Our non-pinterest activity went much better.  I finally had the time to make dairy-free pie crust substituting coconut oil for butter, so Rowan and I made two double-crust batches- one for a cherry pie and one for dinosaur pie crust cookies.  Rowan’s dinosaur sand mold works great as a cookie cutter!  (I’ll have to remember this as the toys are less expensive than the bake ware versions.) 
*No heirlooms were harmed during the writing of this post.  

2 thoughts on “Pin-trocity

  1. Yeah I told Greg I wanted to do the whole table like that if we couldn't fix it, but I knew I would always think how it must look to Greg and his siblings to see their childhood table made into an art project!


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