Holy organization, Batman!

Phew! Since June came home from the hospital I’ve had as many things hopping on my to-do list as were being crossed off.  I finally got enough pressing things off the list that I could move on to some household projects I’ve been looking forward to.  
I’ve wanted to do some preschool activities with Rowan who is 2.  I’ve snagged some awesome educational puzzles and activity books from local BBBS websites.  I realized that with two kids at home- one with special medical needs-  doing enriching activities with both of them would require planning and organization, two things that I take unusual pleasure in.  First, I wanted the vast sea of toys organized by type (vehicles, puzzles, books, blocks, crafts….). Each type would be stored in its own spot of the house, like “activity stations” at preschools. Then I decided to institute the wise rule that each station has to be cleaned up before another one can be accessed- at least now while Rowan is the only one playing with toys. I moved all books out of rowans room due to nap time tantrums and because they are now shared with June.  And lastly I thinned the toys considerably; broken toys were tossed, outgrown toys were stored for June, and infrequently used toys were relocated to upstairs. I hoped this would tame the mess and also naturally make play more intentional when Rowan notices that similar activities are grouped together.   
It’s working *BEAUTIFULLY*.  
Here is “the DMV,” where Rowan’s giant vehicle collection is parked.  

It’s got it’s own private access road (hopefully encouraging more out-of-the-way play, as a bonus)
The Ikea shelf that I got for Christmas is my favorite part.  

This Lego table is another DIY project I thought of but Greg ended up doing (how does that keep happening?). This is for blocks and wooden puzzles with costume clothes underneath.

And I finally sewed “pet nets” for both kids.  It’s up high, but I’m taking bets on how long before my son finds a way to climb into it.  

2 thoughts on “Holy organization, Batman!

  1. Everything looks great! It must run in the family because I was extremely excited as I read this post and saw each picture. I love the organization, the pet nets (blast from the past!), and especially the access path to the DMV. Job well done!


  2. Aw, thanks! Yes it must be genetic because I am grateful everyday that Rowan loves neatness, too- even a little too much sometimes. But it sure makes things easier for me!


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