This is a mini-post to say that Juniper is indeed home from the hospital with us, and we are simply happy.  That is to say, our lives are about a 1,000 times simpler than they were during the 11 weeks that June was in the NICU.  And we are so happy to be at home living a more “ordinary” life together. Our new “ordinary” still has some extraordinary elements though.  June has a heart condition which is well controlled by medication, and she had to get a tracheostomy while in the hospital which she’ll have until she’s one or two years old. So the care that these medical needs require is tucked in amongst the elements of an otherwise ordinary routine for a family of four; and I have been pleasantly surprised (shocked really) at how beautifully this new routine has come together.  I think that the last several months with her in the NICU were so challenging for our little family that having her home, even with the medical needs, is easy and peaceful comparatively.  I have much more to post once I get my thoughts together!


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