Perpetual Nesting

Somehow I had a feeling that my daughter would arrive early.  My first clue was when my “nesting instinct” kicked in pretty early, around the start of the second trimester.  (“Nesting” being an unusual drive to be productive, proactive, and sometimes a little wacky when preparing the house for the baby, usually a few weeks before the baby is due.)  First I cleaned, which led to the development of “to do” and “to buy” lists, which also spun off into sewing projects I intended to do.

Greg is a pro at handling my nesting and other seasons of inspiration.  At one point I strode past him toward the garage inquiring, “We have a belt sander, right?  Is it easy to use?” My wonderful and wise hubby followed me and asked about the intended project, then he and Rowan took it on themselves.  They refinished this dresser for Baby June!  They did a great job- Rowan had tons of fun playing with tools and paint, and it looks awesome!

While the boys worked on the dresser, I scouted second-hand deals for my “to buy” and “to sew” lists.  Shopping retail *literally* makes me sick to my stomach, but I can shop garage sales and online buy/sell lists all day.  Again, Greg- husband extraordinaire- handled several surprise summons of his truck very graciously:

“Please be home on time today because we bought two recliners from a neighbor!”

“Please get out of bed and meet me at this garage sale. They’re going to hold this fridge for me for 30 minutes, and there are four other people waiting to buy it! Oh yeah, did I tell you we need a second fridge for the garage?”

“Do you think you can lift a toddler bed by yourself?”

“I need you, as an engineer, to inspect this steam cleaner.”

Me: “I bought a TON of fabric at a church rummage sale for practically nothing.”
Greg: “Great, hon!”
Me: “I need to buy a shelving unit to store it in.”

Hubby has even accompanied Rowan and me to garage sales on several occasions, and it’s become tradition for us to rock out to Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” in the car.

I’ve pretty much snagged everything on my “to buy” list!  Anything else will go on Christmas wish lists.  But I’ve realized that since my little girl is still in the hospital, I’m in a perpetual state of nesting now.  While there is so much I can’t do, like even hold her and rock her, I derive a heightened sense of comfort from doing anything that I can do “for her.”  I can sew her a quilt while I sit with her at the hospital.  I can decorate her room, organize her clothes, and pick out Christmas gifts that she and Rowan can enjoy together for years.  I can do everything I’ve ever intended to get done around the house, like make sense out of my gift wrapping supplies.  (Jealous of that tissue paper stash?)

I think my “to do” list is getting longer instead of shorter, but it’s doing its job of helping me keep my sanity.  Sometime soon our Junebug will be home with us, and she’ll be welcomed into a de-cluttered, efficiently running cozy little nest with up-to-date photos on the walls and a hand-made quilt by her crib.

6 thoughts on “Perpetual Nesting

  1. I was so excited when I saw a new entry on your blog! That dresser looks great – I love the colors. Good job boys! And all of your nesting habits made me laugh, especially the calls to Greg from garage sales for pick-ups. I can't wait to see that quilt when it's finished too – it already looks so nice!


  2. Yeah I got excited about a new post too! I wish I had the eye you do for coming up with fun projects, even if said projects can become a hassle. That dresser looks really great – I had to double take to see if it was my old one. I forgot I had given you that!


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