Pregnancy Cravings?

So, I thought I was past the cravings part of pregnancy.  Apparently not.

And even though I’m blissfully past the nausea part (99% of the time), I’m not fully done with food aversions either it seems. My last two weeks, food-wise, have been like this:

I told Greg and he and Rowan could direct the entire Sea World day plan as long as I was provided with soft pretzels throughout the visit.  We never found any though. I ate a chocolate ice cream swirl as big as my hand instead.
I had been craving meat- sausage particularly- so I cooked shrimp and sausage paella that we like.  I could barely finish one bowl, as apparently my growing daughter can’t handle *any* spice *at all*. Greg usually can’t handle spice, whereas I usually eat jalepenos no problem, and *he* was fine with the paella, so I know this pregnancy must be making me insanely sensitive. I couldn’t eat any more paella and we threw away the left over half of the meal today.
Because I’d been craving meat, I decided to make the crock pot shredded beef sandwiches Greg likes. I couldn’t even finish half a sandwich. I didn’t want meat anymore.  Or at least not that meat, or not so much of it, I don’t know.  Greg’s been finishing off the leftovers and I’ve been eating cereal for three days because nothing sounds appealing.
I politely requested that Greg pick up a vegetarian Bullritos order with a caffeine free diet coke for me on the way home from work yesterday. He, being a very awesome husband, and knowing that a food- related ‘request’ from a pregnant woman is mandatory, obliged despite the fact that it was pouring rain.  Thankfully for all, I actually enjoyed the meal.
Today when Greg got home from work I announced I didn’t know what to eat, and I was faint from surviving on Cheerios all day.  Then I declared, “I’m ordering General Tso’s chicken for take out,” and took off in our Prius while the boys dished up left overs.  (Hey, they said they didn’t want anything.)
Also today I posted a plea on Facebook for the location of a place that makes caramel and chocolate covered apples, as my usual place closed down.  (Yes, I had a “usual” caramel apple place from last pregnancy.) Kind local acquaintances directed me to a rumored miracle worker in the chocolate and confections industry that delivers to my neighborhood. I will have gourmet apples within the week.
I have bought the ingredients for healthy chickpea cookie dough, cherry pie, pumpkin muffins, double chocolate cookies, and homemade chocolate ice cream but I’m too tired to make any of it. 
I intended to make my first cheese soufflé this week but I can’t bring myself to do it because it sounds gross now.
I inexplicably developed a love-hate relationship with lemons recently.  I actually made lemon tarts, and as everyone knows, I have always previously believed that desserts lacking chocolate are malicious impostors.  But I single-handedly ate the vast majority of an entire batch of lemon tarts by myself over two days.  I also impulsively bought lemonade mix at the store, and I alternate between craving it and despising it.  
I’ve been making myself s’mores by roasting marshmallows over my gas stove burner every few days for the past two weeks.
I think I want fried plantains right now?

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Cravings?

  1. Those sound like the cravings of someone who has had too much to drink. OH MAN SMORES SOUND SO GOOD…I CAN TOTALLY MAKE THIS ON THE GAS BURNER! Five minutes later “ooooof, that was a bad idea” lol However, it sounds like Greg is making out good on the cravings as he gets to eat all the leftovers! LOL


  2. Yes, and when I can't remember words half the time, I really sound like someone who has had too much to drink! And the s'mores on the stove burner totally work! I'm so glad- the s'mores are a great before-bed snack.


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