Vacation Week

The past week and a half has been full of adventures for our little family.  Greg took time off of work, and we embarked on several day trips to various places.  It all started with:

July 4 festivities
Highlight: Our church hosts the hugest and best 4th of July community event in town, and this was our first time to go (plus Rowan’s first firework show, period).  It was spectacular.  Of course, Rowan was equally intrigued with the two water bottles and cup holders in our lawn chairs during the show.  Still, he can now tell you fireworks go “Boom!” so I know it was memorable for him.
Adventure: We all stayed up until 11:30pm!  Unheard of in our house, and a significant recovery period was needed for all.
Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Highlight: We fed a brave llama and a hungry emu from our car windows.  The llama tried to scratch his ears on our car door and left a muddy fur print.  We also saw tons of other cool, exotic animals, all of which Rowan referred to as “deer.”  

Adventure: When we left the ranch we learned that we were victims of a lodging resort’s Groupon scam (or at very least, a colossal failure of business management) and found ourselves driving through the remote hill country hungry and homeless for about 5 hours.  It worked out though (thanks, Hotwire!) and resulted in an impromptu trip to Sea World the next day.
Sea World

Highlight: Rowan loved the dolphins. And the sea lions. And Shamu. And giant ice cream. 
Adventure: Rowan loved seeing Elmo, mostly, and enjoyed two Sesame Street shows. But when he got up close, Rowan was a little terrified, and has refused to let his Elmo toy within several feet of him since.
Galveston Island State Park
Highlight: I remember when I was very young and living in Florida, my family used to go to the beach every single weekend with a cooler of subs and soda.  Greg- husband extraordinaire- picked up subs and snacks for us on the island so we could recreate the experience for Rowan.  
Adventure: Dodging waves with Rowan. Greg and I took turns wading in the water with Rowan and pulling him up just as a wave rumbled over to us.  

Texas Children’s Museum

Highlight: Rowan loves physics, just like his daddy. They both took the golf ball experiment lab very seriously.
Adventure: I trekked around a children’s museum for several hours at five and a half months pregnant.  Nuff said.
Busy Saturday
Highlight: The boys agreed to go garage sale-ing with me, we hunted for and acquired pint-sized Rockets gear for Rowan, Rowan and Dada went to the cool Rockets rally downtown, Mama went to fundraiser auction, and everyone met up at Rowan’s friend’s birthday party in the afternoon.
Adventure: Greg let me blast “Thrift Shop” on repeat as we drove to the various garage sales.

…And today we rested and recovered from vacation.  Naps all around.  

2 thoughts on “Vacation Week

  1. That seems so fun and exciting! I'm trying to do more things like this and also learning to relax a bit…it used to be that certain functions I could not handle because of 1. stress of finding parking 2. stress of crowds/lines 3. stress of leaving before everyone to miss traffic etc. But I seem to be calming down a lot and enjoying more functions like in this blog. Makes me want to go out and do something right now! Lol


  2. I definitely had to adjust to the traffic and line thing, too. Once I committed to enduring it, it wasn't quite as bad as I thought though! We often opt to stay a few minutes later to let other people fight the crowds and traffic first, and that's been a lot less stressful than trying to be the first out. It's surprising how quickly crowds actually clear out.

    I have a ton of free and inexpensive things I want to do around town over the next few months, and anyone is welcome to join us! I'll send emails when I get some outings on the books.


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