The Return of Cooking?

I have been on a cooking strike for at least a month…probably more like six weeks.  This first trimester has been rough, with lots more morning sickness and odd symptoms than there were with my son.  No food sounded good, so I oscillated between the nausea associated with not having eaten, and the nausea of having reluctantly taken in whatever food seemed least disagreeable to me.  The aroma of food was sickening, as was even lingering food smells hanging around the house, car, or on people’s (or dogs’) clothes and breath.  I’ve had a smattering of headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, metallic taste, and heartburn at times over the last six weeks.  But only the nausea has been my constant companion (thankfully?), which is helped greatly by staying still and lying down. This is nearly impossible to do with a toddler at home, but my wonderful husband has made great efforts to allow me to rest when he’s off of work and/or at home.  He’s done most of the grocery shopping for six weeks, because the times I have gone myself, insane “cravings” have led to purchases like “fried corn nuggets,” the sight of which made me sick by the time I got them home.  And our family has lived on frozen or quick meals, with minimal prep time or smells, instead of meals made “from scratch.”  Oh, the tuna helper, frozen pizza, tortellini, hot dogs, boxed meals, and lots of fast food we have eaten recently….

Cooking *might* be making a comeback in my home, but it’s too early to tell.  After all, several weeks ago I had a failed return to cooking when I made one of our favorite meals, cider braised pork loin with baked apples and sweet potatoes, and then I couldn’t stand the sight or smell of it when it was done.  Greg happily ate all of the left overs, and I refrained from cooking “real” meals again until now. Yesterday I finally put together the homemade minestrone soup that I’ve intended to make for 3 weeks.  (And I ate it, too.) I realize it looks quite unappealing, but soup is my friend recently and it was very good topped with parmesan cheese and pesto.  Will the cooking trend continue?  I don’t know, and I’d like to go lie down now.  If I do cook again, I’ll certainly be back to brag about it.

2 thoughts on “The Return of Cooking?

  1. I was getting antsy because of no blog posts recently – but now I know why! I hope the pregnancy gets easier soon! Minnestrone soup is one of my favorites and home made sounds delicious! I used to make an awesome home made vegetable soup…but the problem is, if you cook it from scratch you have to eat it EVERY DAY for about 2 weeks for it to be gone if you don't want any to go to waste lol


  2. Thanks, I hope it gets easier, too. It's supposed to get easier around this time, but it isn't yet! I know, soup recipes make a billion servings. I've found that lots of soups freeze well, so I sometimes freeze several containers for quick meals later.


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