Backseat Driver

Yesterday my wonderful husband took my son out for the afternoon so I could relax at home. After their last stop, the grocery store, Greg loaded Rowan into the car to go home. Rowan’s opening move for the familiar Carseat Battle was to stand up in his seat to avoid getting buckled in. Greg set about putting the groceries in the cargo area, giving Rowan a chance to sit down during the wait. Instead, when he returned from putting the cart away, Greg found Rowan planted squarely in the front passenger seat. They had time to spare (extra relaxing time for me), so Greg decided to settle into the driver’s seat and casually look over at his son. Rowan returned a level stare, pointed at the windshield, and said “drive.” (Well, “diiiv.”) Greg laughed, at which time Rowan proceeded to grab the gear shifter. Don’t worry, fellow parents, the car didn’t move. But clearly Rowan meant business! He’s taking this independent toddler thing very seriously.

—One of Rowan’s many gleeful iPhone self portraits—

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