Problem Solving: Rowan has it.

So this morning I was busy trying my hardest to iron a shirt for Greg for an important meeting he has. I am terrible at ironing and was also – “pressed” – for time. Rowan, who had already eaten breakfast and had several snacks set out for him in the living room, was pleading and hanging on to my legs and indicating I needed to follow him to the kitchen right away to get him something different to eat.

“Baby, I’m sorry, I’m busy,” I said several times.

Eventually he stopped hanging on my legs, went into the kitchen, and became very quiet. Then Greg came to retrieve his half done shirt, saying that the arms can stay wrinkly because they’ll be covered by his jacket. Woo! All done attempting to iron, and I can discover what adventure the munchkin has happened upon. See him here in his rendition of: “I pulled the strawberries off the counter and ate them ALL, haHA! But then I was sad because I noticed the strawberries were all gone!” It was pretty cute.

2 thoughts on “Problem Solving: Rowan has it.

  1. Cute! That reminds me of this scrubs episode where JD has the perfect outfit – but the entire outfit depends on each piece…he has an awesome muscle shirt, that he's putting a jacket over that has a hole in it, which is why he needs his bandanna (something like that) of course over the course of his date he looses each article until he looks totally ridiculous lol


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