The Great Readathon

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately as part of my seeking-direction process as well as my stay-off-my-smartphone initiative.  As I mentioned before, Greg and I decided to read through the Bible this year cover to cover, which is a “canonical” reading plan.  We have been really good about reading each day, and we have great conversations about what we read.  And I’m surprised that we are already 25% done, according to our YouVersion Bible app.  That’s because the year is 25% done.  Getting older is truly strange, wonderful, and alarming.  I remember when a year seemed to take….like a year to be over with.  Now years sneakily fly by while I’m busy doing other things.  Like reading.

I’ve read several books recently that I’d like to share in upcoming posts- most good and one really, really terrible.  The Bible is one of the good ones.  For a pretty good summary of the first 25% of the book, see the first two episodes of the new History Channel series the Bible.  My favorite angel, Roma Downey (from Touched By An Angel) and her husband are involved in the production of this series, which has been great so far.

Let the read-a-thon begin!

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