To-Dones: Culinary management

It’s rare that I start a project and delay finishing it. I absolutely love planning and completing projects, and so I have so much momentum I usually finish them more quickly than anticipated. But the last teeny tasks needed for my meal planning binder project kept getting put off- first by a fateful lack of printer toner, and then by all of the to-dos that had cropped up in front of it while waiting on toner. All I had left to do was fit it to size and print it! It’s done now though, and it’s glorious.

I was tired of dragging around all of my main 7-10 cookbooks every time I wanted to plan meals for the week. But scanning the table of contents and looking at well-worn pages reminded me of reliable meals to use for the week. I also had many dishes in the various books that I wanted to try. At one point last year we had an amazing two months during which I had divvied up 4-6 new recipes in advance for our meal plans every week. Yet I still have many more to try, and I don’t necessarily remember them each time I sit down to plan meals.

So one day I pored over my cookbooks and wrote down recipes that either were good, tried-and-true ones or ones I wanted to try out. I noted the cookbook and page number. And finally I made a spreadsheet of this information (naturally) which would serve as a master table of contents/cheat sheet of all of my select go-to recipes in my cookbook collection. No more lugging 10 books out to peruse options.

I also was able to get all of my “loose” recipes- those from cans and magazines and jotted down while on the phone with my mom- wrangled neatly into a categorized and sheet-protectored binder along with my master recipe reference list.

Well, make no misteak, this is how I rock a kitchen. I couldn’t Brie happier with my system. It’s “s’auce”some. Just souper. Egg-cellent, I deer say.

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