God Watch

Photo credit: hisks from sxc.hu

Today’s quote is:
“Years ago I coined that phrase “God Watch” for our children as a game, of sorts. It was an intentional way of watching and waiting to see how the Lord would unexpectedly amaze us during a particularly difficult circumstance. Now, it’s a family matra. Our God Watch is a reminder to gaze at his goodness. To rest in his reassurances. But more importantly, it’s a whisper of willingness to choose joy in the midst of doubt. –Jennifer Schmidt, Balancing Beauty and Bedlam”

I suppose I should declare a God Watch. This week and last were incredibly difficult. I was offered a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity which had been a dream of mine for the last 10 years, wrapped up with several unexpected financial perks like a sparkly, inviting bow. Not only was this something I dreamed about and longed for in my professional practice for years, but I had hoped it would be God’s answer to my season of intense questions and seeking this past year when the negative events in my life just didn’t make sense. Yet I had a persistent feeling that this amazing, sparkling career opportunity laid out before me wasn’t the right one. I had a feeling that God has been leading me so closely this past year so he could clearly navigate me past what seemed so much like a perfect direction to travel.

After a year of searching and looking for comfort and peace amidst grief, it was incredibly hard to pass up the first concrete path that I saw in the desert, especially one so inviting. And I don’t have any alternative path to guide my seemingly aimless journey instead, just a strong impression that God was telling me, “I have something better for you.” But I don’t know what that something is. I had hoped that because saying no to this opportunity was so difficult for me, I would have a reassuring new direction soon afterward. Not so. Thankfully, I do have intellectual and spiritual peace that I made the right decision, but emotionally- and quite vividly- it stings of another fresh loss. Be advised, a God Watch is in effect for this and surrounding desert areas.

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