This quote stood out to me because on some days this year, I was so tired of wrestling with discontentment without knowing the real cause or solution, I felt, as she describes, “done,” “wilted.” But I was still encouraged because even if I felt like tired and wilted, I was reminded about a verse that says “a smoldering candle He will not snuff out. A bruised reed He will not break.” That verse is one reason that people often say “God will never put more on you than you can handle,” which itself is not actually in the Bible. But I think it’s an apt practical translation of this verse, as long as you bear in mind that in that saying, God intends for “you” to bear it with his help, not alone.

“On the days that I am just done, wilted, I remember that my identity is not in my ability to stay energized, or have the house all clean, get all my work done, or have the kiddos neatly dressed with bows in. My identity, my worth and value, is in the One who sees me as perfect for all of eternity. –Sarah Mae, Like a Warm Cup of Coffee”

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