For months God has been answering my prayers for guidance with mental puzzle pieces every few weeks. I still don’t know what picture the whole puzzle makes. But more recently, he’s been answering my prayers with even smaller pieces- quotes that seem to pop up everywhere.

Oddly, it started when I was researching hair care. I wanted to finally learn how to work with my long, fine, abundant curly/wavy/fluffy/frizz-prone hair, and I stumbled upon some no-shampoo information here: (incidentally I’m still ‘poo free and I love it.) After I read it, I was distracted from my laptop by some household event while I still had the webpage up. My laptop went into screensaver mode while waiting for me to return. I ended up serving dinner and then settling onto the couch to watch some tv with Greg. My laptop is set up to go to sleep when it’s been left alone for a while. But it decided not to, I guess? A flash of light in the kitchen desk-nook caught my eye from where I sat on the couch. I could see that my laptop had suddenly woken itself up completely and was displaying an unfamiliar web page with a big picture of a blond little girl smiling and playing in a sunshiney field- the girl’s face big enough to be seen clearly from the couch. It was like someone peeking back at me from computer-land saying, “Yoo-hoooo! You coming back?”

“What!?” I said, and went to investigate. I have absolutely no idea how or why the laptop woke itself up. I don’t think the cat was near it. But it turns out that picture of the girl was part of the sidebar on the hair care page advertising a website called (in)courage women.

I checked out the site and it seemed very good, real, and encouraging. And I’m very suspicious of women’s ministry stuff because more than half of the things I’ve encountered in that category are unbiblical legalistic/judgmental/harmful pieces of crap. But I digress. I really *really* liked this website. At the time I visited, they were just finishing up a calendar give away, and was in need and looking for a flip calendar so I could keep track of the days in my 24/7 schedule of being a stay-at-home mom. (Usually I’d be lucky to identify if it’s a weekday or not, which I can tell based on whether Greg is home…never mind attempting to conjure up what the specific day of the week it is, or much, less the date.) So I snagged this free calendar as their give away ended. And this is where several of the serendipitous quotes come from.

This first quite appeared only a day or two after Greg mentioned to me, “Not everyone is Moses.” We were reading through the story of Moses at the time, and he was reminding me that everyone in that story, except one, was NOT Moses, and we don’t know a lot about their lives. Yet everyone identifies with Moses in the story. So as I try to fit the pieces of this puzzle of “me in my future” together, Greg was reminding me that maybe it won’t look like I expect. If I were cast as one of the biblical Israelites, there’s a one in hundreds-of-thousands chance that my identity-puzzle-box would have Moses on the front. But whatever picture was on the front instead would be good and perfect and right. Obviously, living that identity would be much more right than a whole nation of Israelites all trying to be Moses instead of making and living their own puzzles.

I thought it was a beautiful statement, and God smacked me with it a day or two later when this showed up on my flip calendar:

“Thank God for you.
Just as you are.

God doesn’t need you to
be Moses, friend.

He needs you to be you.

–Angie Smith, Bring the Rain”

2 thoughts on “Moses

  1. This was such a cool story! I learned from it too! So I know you wrote this over a year ago, but I had been meaning to catch up on your blog. I'm really enjoying it and I love the leasons and wisdom it teaches! It's fun, funny, inspiring, helpful and uplifting! 🙂


  2. Oh, and I think I finally fixed my Google profile and account, which was maybe why my comments wouldn't post on here before. I just realized it was my google account that was probably causing my problems with that. 🙂


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