This I Know

Here I am, 30 years old.  I loved blogging throughout my 20’s, and I decided to start fresh for this new decade.  I ended my 20’s in the middle of a puzzling spiritual journey.  I felt like I was wandering the desert like the Israelites did in the Bible; as though God was with me the whole time, but I knew I wasn’t at home, at peace, and restful.  I was confused and frustrated as this “season” of searching and wandering dragged on.  And it continues still.  But at this point, today at least, I’m much less confused and frustrated than I have been in recent months.  There are a few things I know.

My Christian faith is my foundation, and I am continually amazed at how close and responsive God is in our walk together.

God created me with unique interests and talents to be used in his service, and figuring out “who” he made me to be and “what” he wants me to do will always be an ongoing, changing process in my life.

My 30’s are going to be awesome- the best decade yet.


4 thoughts on “This I Know

  1. Can't wait to see more! I thought of redoing my blog…or just getting rid of old posts and starting fresh on the one I have. This blog is cool and seems all hi-tech…all these dang-fangled viewing options, I put it into 'classic' or 'vintage' mode LOL


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