Our Homeschool Curriculum 2019-2020

This fall we start our fifth year of homeschooling. That's unbelievable to me; it's gone by so fast. We structure our curriculum around individual development rather than grade level, but for reference and documentation purposes, this year Rowan will be entering third grade, June first grade, and Miles, kindergarten. For previous years' curriculum see: 2015-2016 … Continue reading Our Homeschool Curriculum 2019-2020

Our Roadschool Curriculum 2017-18

This is the very belated curriculum post for 2017-2018- the year we were roadschooling around the country in our RV! For past curriculum posts see: 2015-16 2016-17 2018-19 In 2017, my husband hoped to make a career change, but we needed more flexibility in our lifestyle to be ready for any opportunities that may come … Continue reading Our Roadschool Curriculum 2017-18

Homeschool Curriculum and Schedule 2018-2019

I cannot think of a more exciting way to jump back into blogging than to share our curriculum picks for the year.  I love homeschool planning.  I can't resist reading about curriculum choices (if you have any to share, post in the comments!), and I thought I would add ours to the stack of back-to-school … Continue reading Homeschool Curriculum and Schedule 2018-2019

Staying Tech-Connected While Living on the Road

Hop over to Techie Homeschool Mom today to check out my guest post on Staying Tech-Connected While Living on the Road.  And before you go, happy Mother's Day to all of my fellow moms!  I hope you are reading this with a cinnamon roll and coffee in hand like I am. --- Staying Tech-Connected While … Continue reading Staying Tech-Connected While Living on the Road


To borrow a phrase from the last post, our accidental Sabbath habit turned into a sabbatical from blogging. We have put this time to good use, though. I have exciting updates to share about what’s been happening in the Safari household in the last year and a half. Here are the Cliff’s notes: June had … Continue reading Updates

The Accidental Sabbath: Plans for 2017

The last third of the year can become unenjoyably busy for our family very easily, with ten family birthdays and our anniversary sprinkled in among the bustle of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So in 2016 Greg and I resolved to designate one day from each weekend in October, November and December as an "at home … Continue reading The Accidental Sabbath: Plans for 2017

Adventures in Communication

I hope to share more formally about our adventures in communication with June, specifically the use of American Sign Language, verbal speech development, and her assistive communication device. However, for a few months I've been savoring some much needed rest and protecting a "margin" against over-busy-ness in my life and that of the kids, which … Continue reading Adventures in Communication

Signing Time and Our Journey As a Special Needs Family

One of the things I am grateful for this holiday season is Signing Time, and how it made American Sign Language easily accessible to our family.  We are over at the Signing Time blog today where we have the privilege of sharing about what a big impact Signing Time has had on our family.  Follow the … Continue reading Signing Time and Our Journey As a Special Needs Family

Are *You* My Service Coordinator? The STAR Kids Switch

On November 1st, Texas implemented STAR Kids, a managed care system for Medicaid benefits.  (See here for an explanation of how and why medically complex kids like June have secondary Medicaid.)  Like most families, we could not get any specific information about the change before it occurred, like whether eligibility requirements, family responsibilities, affiliated doctors/hospitals/nursing/DME companies, … Continue reading Are *You* My Service Coordinator? The STAR Kids Switch

An Election Conversation With My Kids

One week ago, the kids and I ventured out to the polls for early voting.  The "big kids" (my 5-year-old, Rowan and my 3-year-old, June) had decided who they would vote for, hypothetically, by watching snippets of the debates.  This was our pre-voting conversation- June contributing in ASL. Me: OK, guys, let's go vote! June: I'm … Continue reading An Election Conversation With My Kids